“Kelsy Thompson is a not only a kind and wonderful person, but a top-notch, engaging editor. She is super knowledgeable in grammar and editing, but if there is ever something she doesn’t know, she finds out. Kelsy is reliable and trustworthy. When she sets a date to have something done, she’s never late in coming through. She made me feel like I was the only author in the world, showing exclusive care to me even though I knew she had other projects she was giving equal attention to. She dived into my manuscript with her whole heart and soul, not only commenting on the things she didn’t like, but that she liked as well. She told me what made her laugh, cry, angry, happy, and of course, what needed work. I trusted her advice because I knew that, like me, she wanted my story to be the best and most engaging literary work possible. Kelsy commits herself to whatever work she acquires, and I was honored to labor alongside her on my novel. Without reservation, I would recommend Kelsy Thompson to anyone seeking the expertise and talent of a professional editor whose devotion equals the strength and enthusiasm of the author’s.”

—Elsie Park, author of Shadows of Valor and The Perils of Wrath

“Kelsy is an outstanding editor. I had the privilege of working with her on my debut novel, Seeking Mansfield, and the experience was incredible. She has the ability to give detailed, much needed feedback that is energizing rather than overwhelming, and she reminds you of the strengths you’ve exhibited that will help you implement her feedback. With Kelsy’s help, I removed a POV character that, although I dearly loved, did nothing to advance the story. Yet, she was open to helping me find the best ways to address the problem (which turned out to be exactly what she’d suggested). She helped me draw out voice, better develop characters, add tension, and fine tune elements that I hadn’t realized were lacking. At every step of the process, she helped me drill down the areas that needed work, and thanks to her motivating and uplifting style, I have never been prouder of a manuscript. If you have the chance to work with Kelsy, do it. You and your work will be better for it.”

—Kate Watson, author of Seeking Mansfield

“Working side-by-side with Kelsy as an editor, her feedback was always prompt and enthusiastic, and she provided thoughtful, supportive big-picture feedback and specific line notes. She’s thorough, thoughtful, timely, and just an all-around great person to work with. She has all the instincts of an accomplished storyteller, while still maintaining an eye for the business side of writing and what will get a manuscript noticed by publishers and agents. Exposing yourself to critique can be scary, but Kelsy’s suggestions were spot-on and invariably valuable.”

—McKelle George, editor at Jolly Fish Press and author of Speak Easy, Speak Love