The follow samples are meant to be representative of my skills and background as a technical writer:

While serving as copy desk chief at The Signpost, I collaborated with a fellow technical writing student named Cassie Lomax to create an in-house style guide. The style guide addresses consistency issues specific to Weber State University and the Ogden area. Since releasing it to The Signpost staff, the style guide has been used to enhance the writing of the journalists on staff. Cassie and I created this style guide using Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Signpost Style Guide

I collaborated with another technical writing student named Jennifer Perry to create promotional materials for a local, non-profit organization called Nurture the Creative Mind (NCM). We each designed and wrote separate materials for NCM, making sure that our individual documents looked like part of a package. The brochure I created is currently being used and is meant as a general informational brochure that NCM’s staff can distribute at events and school visits. I used Pages to create this document.

NCM Brochure

I also created a promotional poster for NCM’s annual festival event. The poster was distributed and displayed in the Ogden area to garner attendance at the event. I created this poster using Pages.

Festival Poster

Every month I create an At Your Service newsletter as part of my job in Ogden City’s marketing and communication department. The newsletter is mailed out with the residents’ water bill, and is meant to inform the residents of upcoming events or city-specific news. I created this document using Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop.

At Your Service Newsletter

Twice a year, Ogden City sends out a water conservation newsletter, and I had the opportunity to create the spring 2015 newsletter. Like At Your Service, the water conservation newsletter is meant to be informational for Ogden residents. I created this document using Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop.

Water Conservation Newsletter

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